DallasBTS gatherings are safe and fun and we’ve hosted dozens of events without incident! In our ongoing desire to keep the meets enjoyable for all and incident-free, we ask you familiarize yourself with these policies. We are proud to report that WT is as pleased to be our event partner as we are with them for providing us such a lovely facility. Keep up the good work all you responsible BT owners!

The DallasBTS is charged a rental fee for indoor Waggin’ Tails meets and this is typically covered by member donations on a ‘bring what you can’ basis; however, donations are voluntary and NOT required for attendance.

The DallasBTS makes no profit from our events. Any funds collected in excess of the venue fee will go to BT rescue biannually.

The following rules apply to WT events only.

  1. The DallasBTS strongly supports spaying and neutering all pets. In conjunction with the house rules of Waggin’ Tails, we must insist that any unaltered adult dogs remain at home for these indoor events.
  2. For the safety of your own pets and Waggin’ Tails, your dog(s) must have current proof of vaccinations to attend Waggin’ Tail meetups. More details provided below under ‘What to Bring’.
  3. Puppies must be over 3 months of age and have full set of shots completed to attend.
  4. Attendees must be over 18 years of age. While the DallasBTS and WT recognizes this may discourage some members, we assure you the rule is in place to protect youngsters from injury. A room with dozens of hyped up Bostons is not the ideal setting for the shorter set. We appreciate your cooperation.
  5. You may be asked to sign a waiver when you check-in relieving WT and DallasBTS of all liability; WT is not responsible for injury or accident to pets or persons!
  6. WT reserves the right to their change their policy, as it pertains to DallasBTS members, at any time. WT and its employees reserve the right to enforce any policy, one posted here or otherwise, at their sole discretion.

The following rules apply to Waggin' Tails events only:
Please provide vet documentation that your pet is current on vaccines. If you have attended a WT event in the past, your file should be on record. Water and poo sacks are provided. And don’t forget your camera!

ALL DOGS ATTENDING MUST HAVE PROOF OF CURRENT VACCINES ON VET LETTERHEAD. For the safety of our own pets and of Waggin' Tails, this documentation is required and if you arrive without it, your pet may be turned away. Carolyn, the proprietor, cannot be flexible with undocumented pets, but titres are accepted as she is aware that some DallasBTS members are cautious to not over-vaccinate their pets. But the papers need to reflect what your vet views as 'current'. Please check-in on arrival.

The very easiest way to provide this info is to ask your vet to fax it directly to Waggin' Tails.

Please have them write "DallasBTS (enter Date of Event)" at the top of the page, or you may fax the info yourself. You may also bring your records with you the day of the event.

--Waggin’ Tails fax #s 972-423-7110 or 972-396-5573

WHERE: Waggin’ Tails Doggie Day Care. We meet in a private, climate controlled area of the building reserved for DallasBTS.

Waggin' Tails is located at 1151 West Parker Rd, Plano, TX 75023. The facility is on NW corner of Alma and Parker next to the Flowerama building and Starbucks. Doors open at 1:45 PM.

FEE: Donate what you can towards the $50 venue rental fee. Your contribution is appreciated and sure helps out, but is not required for attendance. Should funds be collected in excess of the fee, the remaining cash will be donated to BT rescue.

If you have any questions about directions or the event, please email us.

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